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Say hello for collab;


Emre Güzel (he/him) is a transdisciplinary social designer. He  has been designing various of social impact oriented works and contuining as a freelancer. 


He volunteered in various advocacy projects, focusing on discriminatory discourse in the media, and has been supporting civil society organizations with his design skills since 2014. He coordinated the Living Library activities fighting anti-discrimination. 


He is a peer-to-peer trainer of sexual health care in the Y-PEER Turkey Network. He is interested in gender equality and youth development and he has been working as a Communication and Design Coordinator.

Graphic/Program Facilitation, Graphic Reporting, Data Visualization, Reports/Booklets Design, Event Branding, Program Branding, Social Media Visuals/Management, Digital Campaigns, Illustrations for social impact oriented activities/organisations such as Ashoka Turkey, Impact Hub İstanbul, Atölye, Hrant Dink Foundation, Istanbul Foundation For Culture And Arts (İKSV), Joon, Otsimo, YADA Foundation, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Çankaya Municipality, Ankara Development Agency, Çukurova Development Agency…

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